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The Ultimate Hybrid Fun Machine

When looking for the ultimate off roading experience, you can look no further than that of an SSV or (Side by side) off road hybrid vehicle. They have many purposes which can range from haulage, dune sprints or beach racing, they really can be used to suit which ever purpose you them for. To help understand exactly what you can expect to find, here are some of the top features of today’s machines


The best of SSV’s offer extreme performance with things like hybrid engines/motors so that you can go further for longer and save money on fuel at the same time. The addition of an electric motor also helps to provide more power, in some cases machines like the Segway SSV Villan have over 100hp/1000cc. They are designed from the ground up with performance in mind, making them super strong yet agile and including some of the best technology that there is to offer.


There are endless uses for you SSV however, the best, possess some outstanding features that you might really surprise you;

  • Extreme performance air shocks
  • Front and rear differentials
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Life assistant by way of a ‘winch’
  • 1000cc engine

As you can see these vehicles are designed to be real, ‘mean machines and tackle anything that you can throw at them, if you are into thrills and spills then an SSV could be ideal for what you need.


The hybrid engine/motor has already been mentioned, although, they are a thing of true amazement, working to fold to help you go further, more efficiently. From a ‘gadget’ perspective, you will find that the best of vehicles on offer can actually be connected via a smart device giving you almost full control over things like, adjusting the suspension or setting different engine modes, you can even use the mobile connection feature to monitor and maintain almost every aspect of your vehicle to make sure it is running to the best of its’ ability.

The right tool for the job

If you are interested in the idea of an SSV then do have a look at all your options, there are different vehicles available for different purposes, some are to help with everyday work, chores, other for transportation and then something like an SSV which is designed for pure adrenaline and mind-blowing fun.

The best dealers will be happy to discuss all of the available options with you and may even be able to discuss things like credit and finance deal making the idea of purchase even more attractive.

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