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  Make Sure You Know What Is Required When You Get You Motorbike Serviced

Warmer weather usually means play time for motorbike riders of all ages, time for butterflies in the stomach and a weird feeling of anticipation before they’ve even hit the road. The thing is, if you’re a ‘seasonable’ rider and your bikes, sat there for a few months, how do you know that it still works properly?

You don’t, unless you check

A good sign for humanity is that there are more motorbike riders who conduct their own maintenance as opposed to car drivers so the chances of driving off first time are pretty good, however, if you intend to ride your bike on the road, you will still need an official service every 4000 miles or every six months, whichever comes first. Check out the affordable motorbike service in Camborne and they can service any make and model.

Take a checklist

Whenever you enter a garage of any sort to get some work done, especially for a service, always take your own checklist which covers the following, fresh fuel, oil change, battery health check, tyre pressure and tread check, suspension check, re gas if needed and finally ensure that, if you have brakes or a clutch that use a cable, make sure they are properly adjusted and working well.

Always keep your service records

If you want to keep tabs on your servicing visits over the years, then you really should keep full records of all servicing and work that has been done. The documents will most defiantly come in very handy if you want to sell your bike, and get a good price for it.

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